Robert Brown

Robert Brown
Founder & Chief Data Nerd
Inventory Detectives

I’ve always looked at things a little differently. I was studying biomedical engineering, but Wall Street came knocking. I became a successful derivatives and currency trader for banks and Fortune 10 companies using complex math and pattern recognition – I see patterns others do not. Wall Street traders have an advantage over everyone else because they have the data, systems, and training.

Now, I’m leveling the playing field. I’m offering that advantage to my customers so they can beat the banks and their competitors.

Let the data do the talking—no second-guessing. No spinning the results. No fudging the statistics.

Just the cold, hard truth.

You don’t need a new system.

You don’t need weeks of training.

We do it for you. We analyze your data, tell you what we find, and then work with you to outline a plan to reach your goals.

Even if your team has been looking at your system reports, most systems don’t have the data to tell you what we can.

What will we do?

It’s not just having data. It’s about having actionable data.

It’s not about interpreting data. It’s understanding what the data is telling you.

We dig through your data to pinpoint areas of improvement. Look at the FRE case study to understand what we can do.

Types of things we can identify:

  • Imbalances – where you should and shouldn’t be allocating your valuable resources – time, people, money.
  • Excessive stock
  • Slow-movers
  • Performance marketing
  • Finance
  • Capital utilization
  • Pricing
  • Operation issues

We have 20+ years of experience & the know-how to identify challenges and develop customized strategies to address them.

Stop leaving money on the table! Reducing costs and improving efficiency will add up to bigger profits.

Our mission is to empower you to optimize your inventory & business to minimize waste and maximize profits.

We give you actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency.

Why rely on guesswork when you can trust the Inventory Detectives to uncover the truth about your inventory and business?

Unlock your company’s hidden potential. Embrace the power of data to start your transformative journey with Inventory Detectives today!